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Why Us


We want you to be happy with your counters years after we do the job. We understand this will only happen by giving you the very best service now. We walk you through the entire process explaining your options and giving you the necessary information to make good decisions. We don’t use pushy sales tactics but rather listen to your needs and then provide you with options to meet those needs.


The greatest service in the world won’t mean much to you if you can’t afford it. At Jacksonville Granite we offer the best value in North Florida/South Georgia on all fabricated and installed stone products. You won’t find another company in the area that can provide the same high level of service and quality anywhere near our prices.


Good service at a great price is a lousy deal if the quality of work isn’t there. Gaps on seams, crooked cuts or poor polishing make it hard to be happy with something you just spent your hard earned money on. With stone, precision is the name of the game. Precision requires correct templating, accurate cutting and a degree of caring hard to find with other fabricators.


There’s an old saying in the construction world that stone is never on time. Lead times of several weeks are common. We don’t think this is good enough. We believe through better planning and some old fashioned hard work we can do better. With residential jobs we only require a one week lead time. This means when we come template your project, we’ll be installing it within one week.


When the work is done you can sleep well at night knowing everything we do for you is fully guaranteed. If you ever develop a problem with any of our work, we’re just a phone call away from taking care of it for you.