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Where Does Granite Come From?

on Jul 13, 2017 in Types of Stone

Mother Nature is a magical thing when you think about it. Have you ever looked at a perfect set of granite countertops and wondered where it came from? As most of us know, granite is an entirely natural stone that is taken, fabricated, and made perfectly for our kitchens and bathrooms. It is up to granite suppliers in Jacksonville FL to come up with the best pieces of granite for your homes. Understanding where it comes from can even help you appreciate the material that much more. Have you ever laid your eyes on hundreds of pieces of granite slabs that are sent to granite suppliers to be fabricated? There are so many different varieties going around and plenty of colors to be had. These granite slabs that get sent out are huge, and it is up to the granite suppliers in Jacksonville FL to turn them into perfect pieces for countertops. The Import Process The vast majority of granite that is utilized in the United States is imported from various countries. The biggest granite importer for the United States is Brazil. The U.S. also imports from Italy, China, India, Spain, as well as a few other countries. The process of getting the real granite to the United States is a feat in and of itself. Have you ever tried to pick up a granite slab on your own? These are thick pieces of stone that need to be treated with an enormous level of care and attention to detail. Even before the granite is fabricated, you want to be sure that you are taking care of it so that it can end up looking like the picture perfect countertop that you had envisioned for the home space. The granite suppliers in Jacksonville FL understand the importance of the import process and take it very seriously. Time to Prepare It takes lots of time to develop the granite from the point that it is sourced to when it is ready to be fabricated. The vast majority of processors will say that there is a 30-day turnaround time from when the granite is acquired from a quarry to when it makes it to a wholesaler. Huge saws are utilized to...

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The Pros and Cons of Marble Countertops

on Jul 10, 2017 in Kitchen Design, Renovation Projects, Types of Stone

One of the most common home improvement activities that people take on when buying a home is to replace their countertops. You purchase a home, and it has all of the guts that you are looking for with plenty of space and all of that. Sometimes it is the little improvements that can make the biggest difference, which is why kitchen countertops FL are usually one of the principal activities. Marble countertops Jacksonville companies install come with many benefits, but also some negatives, all of which are worth exploring. You want to know all of the good and the bad when you are talking about marble countertops. The more information that you have on the topic, the better the knowledge base you will be working off of. The options that you have when it comes to countertops are vast, with granite, laminate, marble, quartz, all being quality options. Deciding on marble could be a matter of knowing what makes it an excellent choice, and a difficult one, all at the same time. Positives Around Marble There is a lot of positivity when you are talking about marble as a material for kitchen countertops FL. The first thing that you have to bring up is the beauty that marble brings to the table. This is a material that is classic and timeless. It has a white brightness that you simply are not going to be able to get with something such as soapstone or granite. It also has a very high level of heat resistance. It is not going to conduct heat well, meaning that you can feel safe putting piping pans right down on it. The cost for marble is also lower than you likely think when you first give the material some thought. Among all of the natural stone options that are out there in the market, marble is of the cheapest of them all. This makes it highly accessible to the vast majority of homeowners. The maintenance of marble is also pretty minimal. A simple wipe down with soap and water is all that it is going to take to keep it looking great. As we will get into with the negatives, you have to be careful...

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How to Properly Care for Your Marble Countertops

on Jul 6, 2017 in Types of Stone

Marble is one of the most sought after materials in the market when it comes to countertops for kitchens and baths. There is not a lot to dislike about marble outside of the fact that it does take some effort to keep it clean, to keep it looking as beautiful on day 365 as they did on day one. Your marble countertops Jacksonville can be kept up, though, as long as you practice proper care techniques. The team at Jacksonville Granite is here to help you each step of the way so you know how to care for the countertops, one day at a time. The Danger of Marble Marble presents a lot of dangers from the care and maintenance side of the house that you need to be aware of. The first thing that you must take note of is that marble is a material that is porous. This means that if you spill a substance on it that is acidic at all, you can do some damage to it. An acidic could be something as simple as a glass of milk or wine. When the liquid is allowed to splash onto the marble, it can leave a mark that is about as permanent as you can get. Prevention of Scratches and Marks You want to be proactive when you are talking about marble countertops and the maintenance and care that goes along with them. When talking about all of the spills that we mentioned above, the key is to just pick up the liquids as soon as they hit. If you allow the milk or the wine to sit on the marble, that dull scratch is going to be visible there forever. If you take action and are proactive about it though, picking up that liquid and cleaning it right away, the problem is going to go away. You are mitigating the risk by taking care of the marble when it is dirty, rather than ignoring it. Cleaners to Avoid There are some common cleaning materials that you are going to want to avoid when talking about marble. These include bleach, as well as the common brand Windex, and vinegar. These three things all have acidic substances...

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3 Tips for Selecting Corian Counters

on Jul 3, 2017 in Types of Stone

Corian countertops are a big new to the game when compared to materials such as granite, marble, as well as quartz. They are making a big splash and for a good reason among homeowners looking to switch out their countertops for something new. These Corian countertops are solid surface countertops. They were invented and produced by a company by the name of DuPont. They are different from natural stones like granite and marble and bring with them a lot of positives. Amongst all of the countertops Jacksonville FL homeowners have to choose from, Corian is now in the conversation among the best. When you are selecting Corian countertops, you need to understand some of the attributes of the solid surface material. Once you dig deep, you will find that Corian brings with it a lot of positivity that cannot be ignored. Solid Surface Benefits There are some significant benefits from the solid surface countertops, Corian, that you really can sink your teeth into and enjoy. When you have Corian for your countertops, backsplash, even your sink, you are going to give off that look that everything is one solid surface, all working together. This is a very nice look from an aesthetic perspective to enjoy. The way that the material just flows throughout the kitchen brings a nice vibe to space. The durability of the Corian is also thanks in large part to the solid surface make-up as well. The way that they are constructed allows the countertops to work to prevent dirt, grime, and any other gunk from building up. Easy Maintenance You also have to consider the effortless maintenance that comes with choosing Corian. This is a countertop where you do not have to do all that much. They are not going to be impacted by any chemicals that you will find in household cleaners you buy. With other countertops that is not going to be the case as you will have to be much more careful. A material such as granite, for example, needs to be kept safe from many of the household cleaners out there, especially with acids, as they can do a number on the material. Corian does not have such issue and will...

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Simple and Foolproof Home Improvement Checklist

on Jun 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Every home needs to be updated from time to time. Even if you buy a home that is a brand new construction property, five or ten years down the road, you are going to want to begin to make some home improvements. So is there a checklist that you should be following? Is there a foolproof list to make sure you have your kitchen countertops FL covered, your bathroom included, the home’s exterior, and so on? We at Jacksonville Granite have been helping homeowners for years now with their home improvement projects, and it all starts with a list to follow. The Home’s Exterior You want to have the exterior of your home as one of the things on your home improvement list. The exterior of the home is going to cover everything from the landscaping to the siding of the home, as well as the exterior doors, windows, as well as the roof. All of these things are going to need to be improved from time to time. It could even be something as simple as doing some landscaping work on your own or painting the old wooden framed windows that you have. A home improvement does not have to mean a full replacement of assets; it could only mean that you are fixing them up, giving them the attention that they need. The Kitchen The kitchen is a focal point of any sound home improvement checklist. A kitchen with granite countertops Jacksonville is going to provide a great aesthetic appeal, as well as functional give. You get a lot of value when you put the time and the resources needed for making your kitchen all that it can be. Again, similar to the home’s exterior, that does not mean you need to gut the space. You may have a kitchen that is adequate regarding the flooring and ceiling, but it is the cabinets and kitchen countertops FL that you want to switch out. We at Jacksonville Granite can work with you on that so that you can get the benefits of taking care of these things and enjoy the benefits that they bring. The Bathroom The bathroom is another pivotal part of your home improvement checklist as,...

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How to Incorporate Granite or Quartz into Your Backsplash

on Jun 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

The process of deciding on a backsplash for your newly remodeled kitchen is something that can be daunting. The vast number of options that exist out there can easily overwhelm somebody who just purchased granite kitchen countertops Jacksonville. How exactly do you mesh with what you just had installed and how do you incorporate granite or quartz your backsplash? Whether you went granite or quartz countertops Jacksonville FL, you want to tie everything together. Our team of professionals at Jacksonville Granite has seen so many instances of both good and bad design ideas executed when it comes to kitchen remodels. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to give you some unique ideas, all with the intent of helping you incorporate the materials, the styles, that you want. Doing a remodel of a kitchen is similar to trying to complete a puzzle. You want everything to fit together, and if one piece is out of place, it can throw off the whole aesthetic and functional presentation. Adding Borders One of the easiest ways to incorporate granite or quartz into your backsplash is to do it with a border. Our quartz countertops Jacksonville FL that we install are all unique, all look tremendous, and they can be complemented by extending where the material goes a bit further. Rather than just having the quartz on the countertops, have some pieces put on the top and bottom of the backsplash. The same approach can be taken with granite, and the idea here is that where the countertop ends, you are tying it back in with the peak of the backsplash. Granite kitchen countertops Jacksonville that you have installed can be extended in the same way as quartz, and we can show you some design ideas as to how people have done this in the past. Quartz and Granite Accents You can also add little accents into the backsplash that tie the countertops into it. Say you want to go with glass tiles, for example, but still want them to match with your countertops as best as possible. You can work with us so that we can have accents of the granite or quartz countertops Jacksonville that you had installed right...

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Additional Charges to Consider When Installing a Countertop

on Jun 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Everyone loves the idea of adding granite countertops to their kitchen or bathroom. It can become very easy though to miss the boat entirely regarding estimating the real costs of having these installed. When you are trying to budget your granite countertops Jacksonville you want to think about more than just what the granite is going to cost itself. There are additional charges that you are going to want to have under consideration when installing a countertop such s this. We at Jacksonville Granite believe in our customer service values, as well as transparency. Our goal is to be out in the open with you at all times, to let you know of the additional charges that you are going to want to take into account. When we partner with you on your granite countertops Jacksonville purchase, we are going to be working with you hand-in-hand so that you can make as informed of a decision as possible. More to the Cost There is more to the cost of granite countertops Jacksonville than just the price per square foot. The first extra charge that you are going to want to consider is that of the template. This is the work that needs to come when our team of professionals comes out to your home to precisely measure what is required for the piece of granite. We measure exact so that when we cut it and bring it to your home, it is ready to go. Existing Countertop Removal One of the costs that are always forgotten about by homeowners is the actual removal of your existing countertop. If you have a countertop that is already in place, you are going to have to pay to have it removed. For our team of professionals to get the area ready for your new granite countertops Jacksonville, it is going to take our time and effort to get rid of what is there to throw it away and prepare the space for the new layout. Special Cuts Do you have any particular cuts that are going to be needed with your granite countertops Jacksonville? What about a sink, do you plan on having that installed with the countertops, and maybe a faucet?...

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4 Tips for Renovating an Old Table

on Jun 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

A project that virtually all of us have the capability of doing from a DIY perspective is that of renovating an old table. Furniture renovation is one of those DIY projects that can be a lot of fun to embark on. The project is relatively low-risk because a mistake here or there is only happening to old, outdated furniture. Results, especially when you use our granite suppliers and us in Jacksonville, FL, though, can be breathtaking. There are always considerations that need to be made when you are trying to figure out how to deal with an old table you have. Assess the Quality of the Table Before you begin the process of actually working to renovate the table, what is the quality of it? Does the quality level of the table warrant you putting money into it to try and restore it? You want to be sure build quality is meeting and exceeding your expectations. If the table is wobbly, the first renovation step you are going to have to take is to reinforce it. Figure out where the weak areas of the table are and try and put new screws, nails, our whatever else may be holding the table together. Sometimes it can be as simple as turning the leg of the table in slightly differently than before, into a new hole in the wood, that can give it that solid footing needed. 
Remove the Table Top The top of the table is the one thing that you are likely going to want to replace as part of DIY projects. There are probably only going to be a few screws that are holding the top of the table in place, so removing it can be quite simple. Once the top is off, our granite suppliers in Jacksonville FL are going to be able to work some magic for you, but we’ll get to that. Sand and Stain the Base Do you have a sander? If not, you may want to invest in a quality one for this part of the project. DIY projects involving furniture can always benefit from you working on sanding them down. Focus on the base of the table, the legs, where the top...

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Our Tips for Installing a Modern Fireplace

on May 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

The fireplace is one of the most classic features that a home can have. Homes that were built hundreds of years ago had fireplaces. The amazing thing is that homes that are integrated now, also have fireplaces. It is a timeless asset to have in a home, yet people are always looking for ways to put modern twists on the traditional fireplace. This is where we come in at Jacksonville Granite with our granite services in Jacksonville. We have seen granite, and other materials turn the timeless fireplace on its head, doing new and unique things with it that we never thought possible or even dreamt up before. The fireplace is still there to provide us with heat, calm, a sense of feeling home, but the design of it is certainly going through a new transformation. A lot is being done in this day and age with the traditional fireplace. We are starting to see all sorts of ideas being executed regarding putting shelving on it, using stones to face an aging fireplace, freshening it up, making designs with the construction of it so that it is not just one vertical rectangle, among other things. The more awareness that you have to these modern fireplace installations and design tips, the more you are going to have the opportunity to tray and take advantage of. Transform an Aging Fireplace One of the things with so many houses is that they have aging fireplaces, made up of old looking brick that is getting worn and also a bit outdated. Why not give that brick a facelift? You can do this with our granite services in Jacksonville professionals. We can assist you as you try to face the fireplace with granite, giving it a fresh new look that is to die for to say the very least. Raised Fireplace Another attractive option when you are looking to install a net new fireplace is to take a raised approach. This is where the fireplace is not flush with the floor but is going to be up to a few feet off of the floor if you choose. This can put it at eye level of more people that are in the room, making...

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Low-Maintenance Countertops to Make Your Life Easier

on May 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

One of the biggest desires that people have, when they come to us seeking new countertops, is a low-maintenance solution. When people take steps to upgrade their homes, whether it be a kitchen remodel or some other space being renovated, they want to improve it and also have less to do in the maintenance department down the line. The same goes for the experience that you get when you are shopping for countertops. The professionals offering granite services in Jacksonville like us at Jacksonville Granite can help you decipher which countertops are going to be little maintenance and which are not. The whole idea behind countertops that are low-maintenance is that they are just going to make your life that much easier. They are going to simplify things so that you have less that you have to think about, keep up with. Low-maintenance countertops are going to let you enjoy them and everything they offer, without having to spend countless hours keeping their quality level at their peak. Laminate Laminate is one of the materials that is going to jump out as one of the premiere low-maintenance options immediately. This type of countertop is such that it is both affordable and durable all at the same time. The solid surface of the laminate is non-porous. You do not have to worry about moisture getting into it, being soaked up. You also do not have to any sealing of it periodically. All that is necessary with laminate is that you only wipe it down when it gets dirty, and the original shine that it once had will come right back. Granite Granite is another one of the big options out there when you are talking low-maintenance countertops. The only requirement with the solid surface countertop such as granite is that you are going to have to do re-sealing every once in a while, perhaps annually. Outside of that though, there is going to be no water that gets soaked up, nor are you going to have to worry about it cracking or chipping. It is also resistant to stains from heat or temperatures that are too cold. Our granite services in Jacksonville professionals will tell you that this is a...

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